On this page you will find a variety of tools to help you through your personal and/or group transformation and to assist you in your  reflection, decision and practice to progressively get rid of the negative thoughts, beliefs and judgments that interfere with who you really are and your health.

Mental health promotion is an approach and practice based on a vision of trust in everything we really are – beyond our fears, doubts, judgments, sufferings and diseases – and everything we are capable of, individually and collectively, to be in good mental health. It recognizes and supports individual resourcefulness and resilience as well as our common desire to be and to give the best of ourselves.


Post-traumatic stress cycle

Cycle of fear and anxiety

We project our reality

Short papers

Our relationship with the body: A big misunderstanding

Healing the Healers

Self-acceptance…is not what we think it is!

How to let go of anger, ours and others

How to cope with fear

Trust builds trust

Reconnecting with “who we really are”