Hello and welcome to my website!

“Looking differently at ourselves and others can transform our lives.”

This website is for people who want to free themselves from harmful fears, doubts and judgments that disable their capacity for well-being. You will find various documents, tools, podcasts (under development) and services that, I hope, will inspire you and facilitate your personal and/or group journey.

To be in good mental and physical health,   it is essential to increase our confidence in the greatness, kindness, courage and resourcefulness that is part of all of us and that help us move forward and face the challenges of life. The fears, doubts, judgments and resentments we entertain about ourselves and others are interferences that make us sick and unable to see and to be who we really are.

The good news is: we are not condemned to live with those fears, doubts, and judgments. We can decide to get rid of them by looking at ourselves and others differently. This is done by letting go progressively of our identification with fearful, disabling and limiting thoughts and beliefs. This is where our real power of transformation and health lies!

Natacha Joubert PhD                                                                                                               Doctor in Psychology                                                                                                                 Mental Health Promotion Practitioner

“I spoke with Natacha during a really hard time in my life, possibly one of the lowest points I have had. Her methods were really helpful for me, and dramatically different from all the other therapies I have tried. I have gotten a plethora of diagnosis’s from the traditional healthcare, but she saw me as a human being, and not as “depression”, “ADHD”, “anxiety disorder” or “personality disorder”. She is very warm and very accepting, and her methods are very gentle and easy to understand. She focuses on acceptance, love and peace, which is something I believe every human needs and especially those who have been mistreated by the general healthcare and stigmatized because of their mental health. I can definitively recommend her and her methods to anyone who wants an alternative therapy that will change your perception of yourself and other people for the better.” Ivan 26, Sweden                                                                                          


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