Natacha Joubert PhD                                                                                                                 Doctor in Psychology                                                                                                                   Mental Health Practitioner

Taking care of our mental health first requires being mindful of the thoughts we entertain about ourselves, others and the world. These thoughts are largely responsible for the way we react and behave in the various situations in our lives. They reflect either a vision of trust, resourcefulness and health or a vision of fear, judgment and illnessread more


  • To stop doubting your self-worth and regain self-confidence;
  • To improve your relationships with others and prevent conflict;
  • To better understand how to take care of yourself and others during difficult times;
  • To increase your wellbeing throughout life.

Most of the difficulties that we experience in day-to-day life can be resolved and made easier when we take the time to clarify and adjust our ways of being with ourselves, others and in the world.

My services are based on more than 30 years of experience in mental health promotion and distress prevention. Please contact me for more information.

For psychotherapy services or consultation with a psychologist member of OPQ, see Le répertoire santé du Québec or Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

“Natacha’s teachings were crucial in pulling me out of a dark cycle of fear where I thought I would be forced to spend the rest of my days. She gave me a base; a core belief on which I can now rely for the rest of my life. I no longer feel condemned to suffer endlessly because of my own thoughts, or because of factors on the outside which I cannot control. I now understand that I am the creator in my life, that I have a choice in how I see things and therefore in how I experience them… and that is very empowering. 
I feel comforted by my new self-awareness. I know now that I possess the consciousness needed to grow and reconnect with my true self…to work toward inner-peace through self-love. Thank you for being my guide, Natacha. I no longer feel hopeless.”                                                                                                                           Frederique, 29 Canada

“Thanks to Natacha’s guidance and support were invaluable in helping me develop a healthier relationship with myself and with my partner. I feel more authentic and secure within myself.”             Mathieu, 30                           Canada

Individual consultation and follow-up

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  • By phone
  • Online, by Skype, Google Hangouts and email

Professional training and personal development workshops


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